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“The level of service at Enviro Health and Beauty is fantastic. Having been a customer for many years, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of every staff member I have come in contact with. Thank you!”
Mrs. Suzzane Daly
“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. Enviro Health and Beauty was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work!”
Charlotte Corin
Many thanks for sending the cream to my daughter in Chippenham, it came very quickly and I put in on Sean's arms and within 3 applications his dry skin looked so much better. I ordered a full size tube and my daughter is using that everytime after his bath and is seeing a great improvement. I would also like to thank the staff for the extremely efficient service I received when I ordered the cream and other products for myself and her - ordered it lunch time and it was with me early next morning, most pleased. Love the sandlewood and neroli shower gel and body lotion, super duper smell!! Have been telling everyone about the cream - and all your products - so hopefully more customers for you.
I'm glad it didn't fall into a black hole! I regard your company as something of a find as I suffer from a variety of allergies and so buy your fragrance free range, which I must say is fabulous - the feel of the products is wonderful and my skin has noticeably improved. Whenever people comment I always recommend you, so after telling everyone in the office this morning how good your service was, I thought I'd tell you! I also forgot to say in my last email thank you for the free body puff - it's touches like that that make me feel like a valued customer.

I'm more than happy for you to use my comments, and I wish you continued success with the business.
This morning I stumbled across your site while trying to find out about Butylhydroxyanisole (E320) which is in a childrens tonic. I was horrified to learn that this as an antioxidant and preservative in food, food packaging, animal feed, cosmetics, and in rubber and petroleum products. It is also listed as a carcinogen in America but is deemed acceptable here. It's extremely frightening as a parent to find that something I was considering giving to my poorly little princess to speed recovery could potentially harm her. As a vegan mother I've tried to raise my family as holistically and ethically possible. It seems however that the products that we use daily although vegan, may contain the harmful ingredients you raise awareness of. I currently use Superdrug's gentle vitamin skincare range, and I find that my face is constantly itchy. I would dearly love to find the right products for my family as we all have very sensitive skin. Please would you consider sending us some samples as I obviously want the very best of health for us all. Now I am aware that the products i'm buying may be of harm I desperately want to change them.
It has been a real eye opener this morning, I am so happy to have found 'Essentially Yours'. Thank you, you have definately changed our lives for the better, making me more aware. I would be very grateful if you would forward a catalogue to me please.
Hello...was just wondering if you could send a sample of the regenerating facial oil. I have tried a couple of other products and they were brilliant. I am just waiting for my wages to arrive and then I shall be placing an order. Wish I had discovered your products years ago as they seem to knock the socks off Loreal, Olay etc.How the heck do you do it !!
Many thanks
Hello Andy,
Thank you for your prompt and very honest reponse, it is comforting to know that some people really care and are not just out to take your money.
I will purchase your regenerating facial oil and see how I get along.
Thank you again for your response it has bought real comfort to me.

Kind Regards,
Good morning!
I received your samples yesterday and have only used them twice, but have noticed an improvement already!
I am so pleased that I have just placed an order for everything my skin needs this morning.
I have also ordered the Kill em dead spot kit for my teenage son.
In addition my son also has very bad eczema on this ankles and feet. Would you kindly send some samples of the eczema products along with my order. My order number is 17849 and I just placed it about ten minutes ago.
Many thanks for the assistance and great products, I look forward to more exciting products soon.

Before I go to bed I wanted to write this out for you, as I am really impressed with the little kit you passed to me.
I first applied the products on Saturday evening. So, this evening, the results I am recording are after 2 days use.
My skin feels like it has a veil of fine powder over it, that's the best explanation I can think of. It is just so incredibly soft!
Both products have a soothing texture and apply easily without leaving my face feeling heavy or greasy - which is sometimes a problem I have found with intensive anti-ageing or night creams.
It made such a difference after 2 days that I now want to see what it does with regular use!! Thanks for the sample, what a great little find! xx

I hope you are fighting fit! Recently I went sailing and one of the crew thought I was looking pretty good for an ol' gal so I told her about your products ... she would love to try the serum and moisturiser if you do not mind
Dear John,
I just want to tell you about a phenomenon which you probably already know about. Since using your natural products, I now find that the scent of some shop-bought products is now not so acceptable to my sense of smell. They all seem very sweet and sickly.
Also, for over 20 years I have had a wart on one of my fingers – a large, itchy ugly affair. Suddenly it is disappearing. I put this down to either your hand wash, or the fact that after I have used the luxury facial oil, I rub the excess into my hands.

It would be interesting to know if others have reported these findings.Thank you for your email and pleased there working well for you .
We have always believed that such oils will impact on things like warts because there anti viral so great news , we get this all the time about such matters of bacteria on feet to anywhere on the body being destroyed by them .
Thanks again for this so we can pass this on to others
reply from  john from essentailly yours

I'm a recent convert to your skin products and have found my rosacea improving beyond my hopes!
just wanted to let you know that I've been using the ten years younger kit for a few months now and my skin feels softer - My lines look less obvious - my skin feels soft all day and the smell is absolutely gorgeous! It is the only product I have continued to use and I have recommended it to all of my friends. People have commented on how nice my skin looks - my pores look more refined and I feel younger!
I am going to purchase products for oily skin for my daughter as I believe they will help her more than the usual off the counter products.

First of all I want to say thank-you for all of your help and for the sample pots you sent me. The service I have received has been far better than any department store and the products came so quickly!
I have been using the '10 Years Younger' kit for a number of weeks now and it is just gorgeous! My skin seems to have taken on a 'dewy' look and has a luminosity that I have only been able to achieve with 'light reflecting' cosmetics up until now! The rejuvinating day serum provides a lovely matt base for make-up (should you still need to wear it!) and the luxury facial oil is heaven! I have been so impressed with the look of my skin first thing in the morning & can't believe that I don't wake up with an 'oil-slick' down the centre of my face like I have done with products I have used in the past. Using the cleanser & toner for combination skin each evening before the luxury facial oil is like having a mini facial every night! And the 'spot serum' is amazing! Even my 17 year old son said so! It is far better than any product we have ever used before.
I am going on holiday at the end of October & am interested in using the Sweet Almond oil as my sun protection. However I am slightly sceptical as my mother died of malignant melanoma 16 years ago & I have a large patch of chloasma (brown patch) on one side of my face which gets worse when I am in the sun. I tend to slap on the SPF50! If you have any advice or information it would be much appreciated.
I came across your website quite by chance & am only sorry I didn't discover it sooner. Now that I have, I intend to make up for lost time & will certainly be ordering more of your wonderful products in the future.
Thank you so much once again.

Wow! I have today received my 'little' parcel from you and it feels like Christmas! Thank you so much for my free therapeutic range! I have put the body lotion on my poor old legs and guess what! No itching, no stinging and no redness developing! I can't believe it! Even when I put prescribed products on them I end up writhing around in agony!! So will definitely be passing this on to others to try. Also I have just performed a facial on my friend using the dry cleanser and toner and then the 10 year younger set. She said she felt wonderful afterwards and so I've given her some sample pots and hopefully she'll put an order in. She's going to host a girls night in for me when I get my kit together. So watch this space.
I love the 10 years younger, after using I have gone from 92 to 29.

Seriously it is great.Thanks,
Marjorie Titchen.
Firstly I‘d like to say that I am totally in love with your ‘Natural Elements Organic 10 Years Younger Skincare Kit’ – I recently brought the moisturising serum again as I think it’s one the best products I have ever used.
I have used many products such as Dermalogica/Clarins/Clinique but the Natural Elements organic serum has to be my favourite.
I really do see the difference in my skin.
 Hi Karen
OMG! Never mind anyone else noticing the difference – I did by the 2nd day!! Love, luv, lurve the samples! I’ve been telling all my girlfriends that I have found the solution to looking better and feeling better, the essential oils really help me wind down. I have forwarded the link to your page to them; however one friend in particular (my best friend) Ms Dorett Leyden is not too clever with emails and I was wondering if you could kindly send her a sample of 10YY? Dorett has skin problems identical to my own.

if this does not sum us up nothing does
Received the samples last week thank you! – Loved how they were presented in the little bag on a card explaining what each on does.
I was expecting those horrible foiled packet type sample things you get free in magazines so was impressed by the pots.

Have to say the email was lovely as well, it had a personal touch as it wasn’t automated – It said I care about my customer!
I have been very ill recently and consequently a bit reluctant to try new cosmetics (I usually go for Channel, Clinique etc and spend a fortune in the process) as I am now scared stiff of chemicals – I asked for samples as, being the 50 plus woman I still want to make the most of my appearance (and look as if I look after myself!!) – have to say I used your products with an open mind and had no great expectations.
I have been using Natural Elements products for only a few weeks but my skin is clearer and more moisturised than ever before. I am in my fifties and thoroughly recommend this company to women of all ages but especially those of middle age and over. I have to avoid Parabens, having had Breast Cancer, and it is wonderful to have found these products because I can use them with confidence, knowing that they contain nothing harmful. Morning and evening cleansing rituals are now something I really look forward to; it's almost as relaxing as going to a salon when I massage the products in, and the fragrances are fabulous. I gave my 30 year old daughter some 'Spot Serum' and it clears up her acne spots virtually overnight; she too is 'sold' on these products, and we both intend to use them from now on.
All I can say is I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THE PRODUCT!!! – those little pots were absolutely fantastic and I seriously feel as though they do the trick! They smell so nice and I am sure the smell has helped me relax and sleep better! - Today, imagine my surprise when my husband commented (without prompting mind!) that I look really well and my skin is looking really good!!
i tried using 10 years younger kit and found after a week or so i could see a gleam 2 my appearance, also skin seemed firmer, but not only this i found that the facial massage oil is good for the eczema on my fingers help it alot with softness,no itching taking all irritation away
hi John I was wondering if you could send me a sample of eye cream or gel for dark circles under the eyes and moisturising cream for dry skin, thank you.
I would just like to mention your products have totally change my life the results have given me confidence in my skin and i now stop looking at anti ageing creams or anything to do with products for the face, however i do still wear make up but a fraction of what i used to use. and your shampoo and conditioner are great i dont have to wash my hair everyday thank you.

I don't know if this is an automatic account or if a real person will read it, but I just want to say how impressed I am with your service and your company. I ordered yesterday and received the goods this morning - very impressive! Your products are good value for money as well and I just wanted to let you know.
I regard your company as something of a find as I suffer from a variety of allergies and so buy your fragrance free range, which I must say is fabulous - the feel of the products is wonderful and my skin has noticeably improved. Whenever people comment I always recommend you, so after telling everyone in the office this morning how good your service was, I thought I'd tell you! I also forgot to say in my last email thank you for the free body puff - it's touches like that that make me feel like a valued customer.
I'm more than happy for you to use my comments, and I wish you continued success.

hi i would just like to say that your products are great, i met one of your friends liz in tunisia and my skin was really bad with sunburn and it was peeling, liz gave me some cream and within a few hours it had cleared and that meant i could enjot the rest of my holiday. thank you
Great opportunity to tell you that I love your products, I tried the sweet almond oil as a sunscreen yesterday, it worked a treat. Keep up the good work.
Water Full Of Chemicals From Shower Gels & Shampoo
You must have read my mind! I was just putting on some beautiful Rose & Lavender LYB body lotion, and reminded myself I must put that on my shopping list. Keep up the publicity - many people do not know that the mainstream manufacturers (who also torture animals) have so many harsh chemicals in their products, and that everywhere is being polluted with the result.
Lovely to hear from you at Essentially Yours.
l have been using the 10 years younger kit for the past 4months now and l have seen a huge difference and everyone keeps telling me that l do not look 38 years old but 19 years of age which is excellent news. The only thing l am not sure about is why my neck has even more visible lines now than when l started using the neck serum my eslasticity in my neck is fading and l see a slight saggy skin at my age l really do not understand this l mean l did what you advised me but nothing is happening l had one line when l started the neck serum and the seaweed lotion but now the other one has appeared too l my face is so young compared to my neck l now have two visible lines on the front of my neck l even use so much of the luxury oil and evening primrose oil but nothing is happening please help me reserve the aging signs in my neck l am so consious of it now and its making me unhappy of l look women who are much older than l am and they don t have the signs of aging in their throat of their neck l am too young for that please advice. are oils really good for the neck because l have been using an excess of it just trying to firm and tone my muscles in my neck but it seems to be getting worse.

our reply was
Ok the neck is a really difficult area and your
just coming to the age when it starts to age sorry .
A few things to look at
1 yes use the facial oil and the neck serum on top even look at the rehydrating oil for the neck the reason I will tell you next
2 how are you protecting the neck from the sun because it’s that the biggest culprit , if you’re using a spf look at using a natural vital oil when sunbathing i.e. sweet almond under it or instead .. available on the web site... this stop the free radical damage and this is where the rehydrating may be better I used it all summer because of the two main base oils are the most defensive vital oils for the sun ( see attachments )
I’m not a great fan of sun screens for the reason in attachments .
Also be careful what you get on your neck shower gels have sls a detergent to them ( ours don’t ) but 99% do and that’s a ageing chemical, also perfumes, hair sprays, etc cover your neck from any over spray and never go into the sun with alcohol based perfumes on the skin
And that about the best you can do I’m afraid


I would like to take this opportunity to advise how much I love your products. It is great to buy something that actually does what it says it should do.
Many thanks
Omg! I've been using your products for three months now and love them!! One question, should I be using the luxury facial oil and serum on my eyes?  A.. yes you can
Thanks for an excellent product and service
Hi, i have oily skin and i have been using Lemongrass Anti-Microbial face wash which is brilliant
Some time ago I bought your Organic Luxury face Oil for fine lines, with real patchouli, geranium and lavender. Also organic rejuvenating day serum with real orange and lavender.
Neither of these items appear to be available now. Please advise what should I buy as a substitute. Both were excellent on my dryish aging skin.

Hi John,
Thank you for your e-mail and for taking a look at my boudoir site, I have now put a link on there to essentially yours and have also added a page called Beauty which is dedicated mostly to your company. The reason I have done this is because after trying your 10 years younger kit, I have been so amazed with the difference in my skin I wanted people to know about it, I have also written a lengthy post dedicated to 10 years younger on a womens forum. I am so please with the kit, thank you so much, I look forward to buying your eye products which I really need. I would be interested in your affiliate site when you are ready, if you could send the details at your leisure
Thank you again it has been a real pleasure also being able to converse directly with you about my own beauty issues.

Hi John,
Many thanks for sending me the 10 years younger samples. I now have the full sized kit and am really pleased with the results. In due course I will be adding "organic" facials to my treatment list and using your products. In the meantime I would be grateful for your advice.
For a 51 year old smoker, (yes I should know better!) I thought my skin was in fairly good condition, albeit beginning to look a little sallow/grey. However after using your 10 year younger kit, the improvements have made me realise that my skin wasn't as good as it could be. My skin looks brighter, fine lines and wrinkles have definitely diminished and the skin above my eylids look as though I've had eye surgery.......or perhaps thats just wishful thinking.... all within only 5 days. THANK YOU.
Recently I have developed some age pigmentation marks and a few broken capiliaries on my cheeks. Although I do not suffer puffiness under my eyes I do have a tendancy to have dark circles (genetic pre disposition) Would you advise that I use the Regenerating facial oil instead of the facial massage oil and what eye cream would be best suited for me? Until 5 days ago I had been covering up the problem areas with concealer and make-up but would now love to be able to find a solution in your wonderful products, enabling me to ditch the make-up.
our reply
Alternate between the oils so in the morning use the luxury and at night the regenerating now what this will do is repair at night and anti ageing in the morning
Get into the habit of exfoliating in the shower once a week to freshen up the skin and take off dead skin cells
For dark circles the restoring eye gel, use first before any oil and let it go in first about a minute should do
You could use a eye cream but I think it’s too much the oils with the day serum on top will act like a eye cream

Now sun bathing if your planning it ie holidays etc use sweet almond oil base ... but do follow what we say on the web site because the chemical of spfs will turn back any of the good work of the natural oils
Click on this
Hello John,

l would first of all like to say thank you for your products ( 10 years younger kit) which have worked miracles on my face l am 38 years of age and every one thinks l am 20 years of age& me too can see the difference in my skin and the feel of it is unbelieveable my face is flawless and wrinkle free but please john help me wiith sculpting and firming my neck l have been using the seaweed body lotion and the body firming gel on my neck and my skin is perfect but the lines are still a bit visible please help me with sculpting and tightening my neck what about the face contour is that any good please advice l trust that you can reverse the signs of aging in my neck
thank you
hi John thank you for sending me the sample of the ten years younger i have been using it now for 4 days and what a drastic improvment to my skin, i wear less foundation and my mum has noticed a difference in my skin condition, i have ordered the set and i am looking forward to trying the neck serum, this is my product for life.
Just wanted to let you know, I have tried and tested your sweet almond oil this weekend. My second little boy has very fair skin and I layered on the sweet almond oil (very warily though). We have had amazing weather this weekend and it certainly was going to be tested. Result?? It is the first time his skin has not burnt!! He is a lovely shade of light brown and I am so happy to say that although I was a bit skeptical about it at the time, I am overwhelmed at how well it protected his skin…. Well done on such an amazing product..xx
We met at the Ascot show 2 Fridays ago and I bought your Natural Elements products.
I am delighted with Natural Elements and find them better than my other organic range I'd been using for about 3 months.
Hello John,
Thanx a lot for your lovely products they are working wonders on my face and neck. l look so young and lovely. please advice me on what anti aging face wash l can buy or any other wash that can ehance my young looks. and also please confirm whether the incentive seaweed body lotion is sufficient for my neck or do l buy the neck serum please let me know which one is the best for the neck or do they do exactly the same thing. is it adviceable to mix the regenerating oil with the incentive seaweed and apply it in my neck
Hi the body lotion will do the same as the neck one , but you can put the facial oil on first then the body lotion over it that’s more effective on the neck
Face wash go for the one that you would like best because it’s a wash off the actives are lost to a great degree
Combination is fresh and great aromas of the fruits nice for the summer , the dry one is more skin caring as such because of the lavender and aloe Vera but as I said it washing off really so yes there’s a cretin benefit but only a little as such .
Hope this all helps and great your getting the benefits

Also if you looking at the body and the neck area I have to say one our bath oisl will have a super effect, just 1 bath a week in one of our natural oils will have a huge impact on the body and the neck area.
Run the bath then put the oil in around the surface you don’t need much at all 1 cap full, then when in there the surface will have the oil sitting on it, lift your arms and neck in and out the water so the oil sticks to it and after you will be amazed

Dear Karen and John,
I came across Essentially Yours products at the Beauty Show at the NEC in April 2010, I purchased the 10 yrs younger kit (I’m 31, I work in the beauty industry so like to keep on top of my skincare) and I have to say I am so impressed with it. My skin tends to be mainly dry and flaky with the odd hormonal outbreak (I have an underactive thyroid and polycystic ovaries (PCOS)) it’s the only thing I’ve used that has actually stopped this and my skin feels really comfortable and hydrated all day long (I previously used Elemis which I thought were one of the best, boy was I wrong!!) I also bought the dry skin kit which I love, finally found an exfoliator SKU: NE102 that doesn’t make my skin feel like its being grated off! The cleanser, toner, face wash and mask all work really well together, everything smells gorgeous it’s all just a pleasure to use
I was wondering if I could request some samples as I definitely think my mum, sister and few other friends would be converts to the 10 yrs younger kit. I also want to try and convince the owner of the salon I work for to consider your products, the clinic/salon offers botox, microdermabrasion, skin peels etc... It would be nice to offer alternative products
I would also like an information pack about what harsh chemicals to avoid and why and also the party plan pack
One last comment……I currently use Kerastase Bain Mirror which is specifically for coloured and leaves my hair lovely and very shiny afterwards and Kerastase Lait Vital conditioner which is very light (I know… no doubt full of chemicals!!) however I’ve tried Passion Flower Shampoo & Rosewood Conditioner (Set) and just didn’t get that kind of result, I also had to use loads of the shampoo as my hair is long and thick. Also the conditioner which, I’ve used twice was to far too heavy, I don’t think you can lump dry/coloured hair together. I have coloured hair with red highlights and due to PCOS my hormones are all over the place so my hair needs a light conditioner otherwise its goes lank by the end of the day. Would you suggest I use Aloe Vera & Lime Conditioner instead?
Update: I received a reply to my email the very next day from John who very kindly agreed to send me samples of the 10 yr younger kit and full size normal shampoo and Aloe Vera & Lime Conditioner to try instead, now that’s what I call excellent customer service!! That they have taken the time out to respond and take on board my comments, really gives it a personal touch.
Mrs Nelson, West Mids

I have used your products for some time (and have never looked back!)..........spending quite some time of my life in Kenya (from Edinburgh), the last time I ordered, you very kindly supplied me with large plastic bottles of your products (for ease of packing and storage - on Lamu Island I live in a little makuti roofed hut on the beach and storage is a box in the sand!). I am now back in Scotland briefly and am looking to replenish my stocks for the summer/autumn and my return to Africa in September..........
Since I last placed an order, on looking at your website, your packaging has moved very upmarket! and I wonder if you are still able to help me with the larger and rather more basic plastic bottles??

If possible, I should like to order :-
Rejuvenating Day Serum
Face Contouring Serum
Hydrating Night Serum
Regenerating Facial Oil

I cannot tell you how wonderful your creams are* - they are surely put to the test with me - from Scotland to Kenya they never fail to produce results - I am constantly taken for someone AT LEAST 10 years younger than I am!! Long may it continue..........
Thanking you in anticipation.........Ann Scott
* and when I have run out, of course I have had to resort to trying all sorts of other 'well known –
My name is Julie Klaasen and I stumbled on your website in my search for something to stop my lower leg problems causing extreme itching and pain. Two and a half months ago I was diagnosed as having cellulitis and varicose excema both extremely distressing and very painful. When I found your website I was at the end of my tether as nothing seemed to be doing anything to improve the conditions. I have bought everything known to man (or so I thought) and nothing helped, not even the masses of antibiotics I have swallowed made any difference. However I am now taking different antibiotics and I was not aware of your Company before but in the speediest time after asking for samples of your products, I used the cream you sent me so swiftly and lo and behold, my legs are the coolest and calmest they have been for many a loooong week. I have just placed an order and will tell everyone who will listen about my find. I wanted to say a very big thank you to you for your speedy help you have found yet another life long devotee. Thank you so much.
Hi John

I ordered the Theraputics set last week and have been amazed by how it is helping my skin!
Following an allergic reaction I have been left with a skin condition and had been using cruelly produced emollients from my doctor for over a year!
The body lotion is wonderful, however, there is one problem I have almost run out in a week!
Do you produce, or can you, a 500ml - 1000ml size pot of it?

Kind regards Kim
Thank you John,
Products arrived yesterday, thank you so much for the lovely complimentary shower gel My skin looks amazing. I am sticking to the strict routine of using only your products, ignoring ( and throwing out the others) and will keep you updated with all my results.
Thank you once again…x
 ( eczema problom) Hiya,
You have been so helpful thank you. Since I have been using the 10 years younger product, everytime I use the oil I rub it into my hands between each finger and the dryness there has gone down. I know that it is too much steriod cream that has made my face so awful. I am a make up artist and to me my make up is very important and if I dont have any on I feel that I look really 'ugly'.

I discovered your cosmetic by chance and I adore your oils. I`ve already tryed most of them as well as 10 Years Younger kit and eyes serum. I`m pleased to admit that after using 10YY kit people kept telling me I was looking good. I`m 45, I don`t have many wrinkels, but my my skin is not as tight as it was, especially at the lower part of my face and under my chin, though the neck is very good.
Hello John and Karen,
Just a huge big thank you for the beautiful products you have sent me. I'm very pleased with them all because they are lovely to use and it feels a relief to be using skin care that's actually good for my skin, now, which is all thanks to you. I'm sorry for being unable to say this before to you due to PC problems etc., too.
Dear John
I was sent two samples of one of the oils and the serum for the day. I thought they were great, the difference to my skin the next day was amazing. I wonder if you could advise me what to buy? I'm looking at the anti-ageing selection. I am interested in a good facial cleanser and moisturiser and also body lotion .kind regards
Lindsay Reid
Hope this finds you all well & busy at essentially yours !
I bought some of your products last year for my company Blush Make-up in Dublin.
I had intended to try and sell your products to many outlets here in Ireland, however
was diagnosed with breast cancer last May...I am fine now ...and now even a bigger
fan of your products
our reply to this e mail
Hi sorry to hear about the breast cancer and glad you have recover from it .
You can see why we get so frustrated when people don’t question, realise or choose to ignore about chemicals, there risking their health, even if they decided in 10nyrs that the chemicals are harmless which they won’t !
Your playing safe using products with no chemicals in them, because as you have found first hand there’s no point in ‘ bolting the door after the horse has gone’ I hope you get back to full steam soon we feel so helpless knowing what we do about all this and trying so hard to enlighten others and by having people like yourself more knowable then the message can go a little further
Good luck

Dear Karen and John,
I just wanted to thank you for the samples of the cleanser and exfoliator which I received yesterday-The exfoliator in particular is wonderful- my skin feels ultra smooth . Now I've found this range, I'll definitely be sticking to it, as the results far surpass anythingI ve ever tried, and I had no idea what a difference products without chemicals make.
Just one question though, please, which is the best oil for combating threadveins? Although I've seen a fantastic difference with the "10 Years Younger kit, I was wondering if the results would be even better with the Regenerating oil?
The products are superb ! I have tried so many over the years-including one (once) which costs more than £100, and I have never had the results which the facial oil and day serum have produced. I've been using them now for about 3 weeks and the thread veins and unevenness have almost disappeared! 3 weeks ago ,I was using a primer and fairly heavy foundation and concealer but now I just use a translucent tinted moisturiser , and that;s it. These products are the best I've ever used.
Many thanks,

Dear John and Karen
Just wanted to let you know how great your sweet almond oil product is
(SA2 as on your website) for sun protection.
I can totally confirm what you say about it - as I have not long been back from visiting my daughter in Melbourne, Australia and took 2 bottles with me - it worked amazingly well. I used it from day one, took great care to cover up in the midday and early afternoon sun, and applied it regularly all the time I was out in the open. I never burned - I turned a lovely golden brown (I dont go dark) and I tanned right from the beginning.
We walked most days out in the open and on the beach. I guess I am a mid skin tone, being neither dark or too fair. However my daughter has fairer skin and on the odd occasions she walked with us she too used the sweet almond oil and it certainly helped to stop her burning.
I do however believe your suggestions for care in the sun should be followed. All this and none of the 'nasties' found in the conventional sun protection products, brilliant. Thanks so much.
Kind regards and best wishes for continued success sincerely Cheryl Edes
PS Oh and thanks Karen for your help the other day re the anti aging moisturising oil, much appreciated.
I would love to try the sample set as I am very much into natural, cruelty free skincare. My daughter has had wonderful results with the acne skincare products which she has been faithfully using for over two years and her skin is so much clearer - Thank You!
Good Morning John
am in the process of qualifying as a Reflexologist with other therapies included,,and although in the very early stages, intend to set up my own business albeit on a smaller scale to start with a website etc, and to source and use only the best products on my clients. I would be interested in buying your products as trade in the very near future to use on my clients, and would be grateful for any information or advice on the best way forward with this in mind.
Having had a major illness myself battled and won, i know now only too well, what effects the use of all these chemicals may have had on my own skin over the years, and am passionate about learning and spreading the word of the benefits of using totally natural organic products, and anti aging at that! and trying to find out what really is organic, and natural,and what is not was a battle until i found Essentially yours......
I have ordered some of your products myself, being so impressed with the ingredients and reviews, looking forward to recieving them, and will no doubt be coming back for more
Thankyou im thrilled to have found your website and products! kindest regards
I asked this lady above if I could post her e mail and she kindly said yes I am always inspired by people
who have taken on illness even the likes of cancer and win.
‘ I am not a hugely educated man but I do read books’ as a world leader once said and I read all I can about how the body has the ability to heal itself, think about it our body heals broken bones
we just set them straight in hospitals.
Our body’s are a battle ground of free radicals attackin our cells all the time and all the chemicals in products are even more damaging, who ever heard of chemicals being good for you.
On a medical program recently they said that all great drugs have come from plant extracts, exactly what antioxidants come from the very thing that fight off the damaging free radicals.
and guess what our products are made from, you decide chemicals or plants extracts what’s healthy John Hamilton essentially yours....

Hi, Just thought Id send an E mail to say how pleased I am with the face oil I ordered from you, It smells beautiful and gave my skin an instant glow, I brought the ten years younger kit last time which was also lovely, Thank you again for a lovely quality product, I shall be recomending you to my family and friends,
I am writing to say a huge thank you for dealing with my order so promptly, not only that, but everything was in order and delivered beautifully packaged. I was like a kid in a sweetie shop when I opened the boxes. I have purchased some gift sets to sell at a fund raising event locally, but am sorely tempted to keep everything for myself. The products smell absolutely heavenly, and being a beauty therapist myself, I have had to try a couple of the things on my own skin. Firstly, I thought that I would always remain faithful to Environ products as I have used and enjoyed the benefits of these products for 10yrs, so I thought that I would only use your products in the evening to give them a go. Your products are so nice to use and luxurious, that I have found myself using them day and night. When you start to look at the ingredients in some products, it really would frighten you off using anything, but in the past when I have tried alternative products, they may smell nice but just don't do the job. Even though my skin is good as I have always looked after it, it somehow looks more radiant, even after only 3 days of using the 10yrs younger kit.Yours, however, seem to do everything that you say in the brochure. I am sure that I will be a customer for a long time, and also am in the process of converting my clients to using your products. I intend to do some party plan as I think it is a good idea to let ladies get their mits on the products, once they smell them I'm sure they will be converted!
One more thing, is there any chance of you developing a fake tanning product and a toothpaste? I think that these products would sell well. A sunscreen too perhaps? i know that you mention using sweet almond oil, but with someone with skin as fair as me, I don't think it would be sufficient for holiday times.
Thank you both once again, and look forward to doing more business.
I thought I would drop you a line to let you know how I got on with the Almond Oil you recommended.
A few days ago myself and my family returned from a holiday in Turkey, the average temperature each day was about 30 degrees, and as usual I was armed with various different factors of sun tan lotion which like most mums I plastered over my little boy and husband. I decided that I would keep the almond oil for myself, as I was concerned that if anybody was going to burn then it would be me.
I have to tell you that I have come home with the best suntan I have ever had, but more importantly, I did NOT burn, I havent peeled and the condition of my skin is lovely for the first time in a long while, as I also suffer from psoriasis. Its a lovely oil to apply not at all gloopy, and as far as I am concerned I will never go abroad again without it. Thanks for the advice

I have been on your website tonight and have noticed you will send out a sample of the cream for eczema and psoriasis I hope I have spelt this right. Paul's son and grandson suffer badly and I am thinking of getting him the whole kit but thought I would ask you for a sample for them first please.
I have a lady who has a lot of red veins on her cheeks from using strong pain killers any advice what I can use on her face in my treatments. I personally have a few issues with my own eyes I am using the eye firming serum. My eyes feel bad not bags really just a lot of fine lines any advice on a different product?
Do you have to wash the body firming gel off or can you use it like a body lotion? If I do the body wraps do I have to have a shower? I have no shower in the salon and wondered if I could sponge it off or just massage it in?

I would also like to say a huge thank you for the excellent products, packaging and fantastic website. I have been in business on my own since September 2008 and your products are flying out the door. Every single one of my clients are using Essentially Yours products at home. I use the full range of all your products in my facial's. I do not have to try to get clients to purchase the products. The products sell them selves. The appearance of their skin and the feel of their skin after their facial. They always comment on the fabulous aromas. The regenerating and holistic oil are the favourite among all my clients. Not that they are the only products purchased my clients buy the whole skin care products they need. I have just sold my first skin body firming lotion and within one week my client sent me a text to say the results was fantastic and she is recommending this to all her clients in her hair salon. The kill 'em dead spot kit is also a best seller many of my clients are given antibiotics and steroid creams and have spent a lot of money purchasing products for acne prone skin from the internet with no results. After a few days of using this kit they are so impressed and ring me to thank me for recommending it. This is excellent value for money and very affordable to my young clients with bad skin. A huge thank you.
I have been using the Natural elements range since October of last year, having great results my sales are growing every month, this is through my belief that the products are just one of the best you will find on the market. Im a small beauty business with a large client base in a very rural area.
Had to let you know the great results I had from the Face Mask. I have used face mask s in the past and my face has become quite irritated as they all seem to have some strong ingredient that irritates my face. hence I do not apply very often.
When I opened the jar, to apply, it seemed strange that there was no strong smell that makes even my eyes water normally, and to be honest I thought then it would not be much cop as I suppose I had connected the strong smell with the fact that this must be what gets out the impurities (No pain no gain thing).
It had a really lovely texture and was very cooling as I applied it. I left it on for the 4-5 mins as on directions and then washed off. Well my face felt really smooth and other than that I did not take much notice.
The next day when cleansing my face I noticed that the oil from my skin around my nose was more noticeable.
Now I know that when my pores are blocked my natural oil from my skin does not come out around that area.
Obviously because the pores are blocked and it cannot release. Normally to get my pores this unblocked I would
use those nose strips that you have to leave on for what seems ages to lift the dirt from the pores and then
steam my face over a sink of hot water.

Well not anymore !! I cannot beleive that something so mild in smell,with no irritation and very quick to use
can do the job it has done. As the saying goes 'It does what is says on the tin'
As for the cost £9 it sounded expensive but when I realised I pay £2 for a sachet clay mask and normally throw
half away. Judging by how much I have used (which was not a great deal you dont need to put it on thick)
I would guess that there is enough in a jar for at least 10 uses. So 10 sachets would cost me £20 and irritate the
hell out of my skin and put all those dodgy chemicals in my body.

Im converted !! Chemical free does work.
Thank you for suggesting I try this. As you know I have become very concerned about all the chemicals that
are used in our enviroment and homes and very alarmed when I realised that my skin products and toiletries
were full of stuff that I probably wouldn't even clean my new bath with !!

I had not changed to organic products before because I never dreamt that they would do the same job as
the well known beauty brands. Somewhere in my mind I had been brainwashed into thinking all the new chemicals
and names used in beauty care were the only way you could have good skin. I realise now they are not new
chemicals they are adding ......its what we clean our ovens with !!!! Now, im in no doubt if it can clean my oven then
it will obviously clean my face like never before. Scary thought eh.

Dear John I
I have been so impressed with all of the products that I have brought and received off you that I have told my mother who has for the last 5 years suffered with acne it always seems to be around her eyes and on her cheeks they are white heads and know she is suffering from blackheads she has tried everything on the shop shelf herself and also steamed her face regularly she is in her 60's and gets very embarrassed about it, I know that my son loves the kill them dead spot product and I have told her about the results that he has had I just wondered if you would be able to send her some samples of what you would recommend she does get worried about what to put on her face because of blocking her pores. I would be very grateful if you could do this

hi just a short note to thank you for a fast delivery on the products i ordered and for all of the free promotion products that you gave me they are fantastic! My husband has made comments about my skin looking so healthy as this was the second time i ordered the 10 years younger kit, and he has been looking through the catalogue you sent me and as got me to order the mens range products for him he must be impressed, also as i told you before about my son whos spots have cleared up, that he started to panic when he ran out of his kill them dead spot lotions, it looks like you have change all of the family into what lotions and products that they use, also they are great quality and value for money and you know that you are not putting any chemicals onto your skin, just a big thanks again julie

Dear John
I would just like to say thank you for your help and the sample products. I know it’s only been a day I’ve used the Therapeutic samples and two days I’ve used the Fragrance Free Shampoo/Body Wash and conditioner but I have noticed a difference already. My skin feels silky smooth, the dermatitis has calmed down so much; there seem to be no irritation, no itchiness and when I wash my hair; it’s “squeaky clean”.

I read an article on the web about SLS & SLES and was shocked. I’ve now ordered the My Baby hair/body wash for my two girls who are 3 ½ yrs old and nearly 8 mths old because of finding out about this main chemical in their products too.
I think I shall be looking more at the labels and checking out various chemicals a little more from now on.

Thank for the samples which I recently received. My skin has shown a marked improvement after a couple of days, truly amazing!
I've now placed an order for the 10 years younger kit. I would like Combination products with the kit please.

Hi John,
Just wanted to say I have been trying the various shave products for about a month now. I'm really pleased with the effects of regularly using the toner, shave oil and moisturiser. The shave rash I had been experiencing has gone and my skin looks and feels so much better. I love the smell and feel of your products on my face.
I'll be ordering more in the future.
Best wishes and many thanks.
Mike Stone

Just wanted to say thank you for your beautiful products. We use all your products for our beauty treatments here. Clients love the way they feel afterwards it’s a joy to see smiling faces. I used to work in a chemist and seeing the awful products that people with eczema and psoriasis have uses was not pleasant. I tell every one now about therapeutics.
I myself have an allergy to lemon and have found it really hard to find natural products that i can use. Halleluiah Essentially yours fragrance free has found its way to me. I now don’t need to wear any make up now nd get loads of comments from people saying i have flawless skin. Ta.
Thank you for getting my order to me so quickly. I am delighted that your service is as good as your products - The Theraputics range are second to none - literally - they are great. This is the only thing that has made a substantial difference to my psoriasis - whilst I am told there is no 'cure' this keeps everything under control and relieves the symptoms, and they are lovely to use.
F T A John

Just wanted to thank you for all your advice you gave me recently regarding your products. I awaited my products (from your 10 years younger range) and having now been using them for three weeks I have to say I am AMAZED. My skin looked and felt better after one day and looks incredible now. I have used the major and expensive creams that are on the market both organic and non and yours are the very BEST and I will faithfully use your products for ever. What I love is that the price of these products are in the reach of every day people who also deserve to look their best for longer not just the wealthy. The facial oil is perfect for using in conjunction with facial exercises. Thank you, Thank you !
I would just like to thank you for your sample as you can see i have now ordered the full size pack.
I was very impressed with the product and can notice a difference after only two days.
Dear John,

What can I say about your products, if only I knew much earlier in
my life it would have stopped half the heartache of the bad skin I
have suffered over the years. I began using your products in April
and noticed an immediate effect, my acne scars began to fade, my
spots disappeared, my skin began to look illuminous (through what
other people said). Truly amazing and I have spent thousands on a
search for a cure for this dratful acne. Your advice on almond oil
as a sunscreen was beautiful it meant that I could go diving and
spend time in the sun without coming up with a extreme allergy that
always ended up with lumps on my face and anti-histamines.

What I appreciate the most is the fact that we can contact the
manufacturer (yourself) and your passion is evident in providing a
solution to our needs. I have benefited tremendously from your
advice and have bought most of my girlfriends a pack of goodies for
their birthdays. This is something that they would appreciate
especially the anti ageing products.
I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU !
I ordered 2 products - a foot cream and a toner. My clients just love them. I was running very low and needed these in a hurry and really ordered them at last minute on Monday afternoon. Tuesday morning they arrived. Very prompt. Very professional. Brilliant.
Thanks again,

Harmony Holistic Therapy.
I just want to thank you for the 10 years younger sample kit. The luxury facial oil is amazing!!!!!. Ive only been using it for 2 days, and im seeing a difference already!!!!! I have spent so much money on products in the past, i have even bought "certain face serums" which have been on the television and the next day the shop shelves are empty because of all the advertising hype. None of these products ive found have been much good. Your facial oil is the only ever skin product ive ever used that has made a difference to my skin in 2 days. amazing! I am so glad i asked for these samples, as i wouldnt have realised how great your products are!

Have been using your Relaxing Facial Massage Oil along with other facial cleansers and moisturisers from you range for a couple of weeks now and when I woke the other morning I suddenly noticed that I'd lost something. That something happened to be the lines round my eyes? Amazing hardly noticeable at all! Wish I'd had your products when I was in my 20's.
You have a customer for life!
Dear Essentially Yours,

My contact page would not work on your web site so I perhaps you could forward this on please?
My mum visited the Bradford on Avon shop three weeks ago to get me something for my acne, it is not really bad but I had about 5 REALLY bad spots and one stubborn one that had stayed put for months no matter what I had put on it!! I was due to be my sisters bridesmaid and was dreading the pictures at it was a really aggressive looking spot almost like a boil!!! Well my mum came away with an acne busting kit and I was amazed after a week how good my face felt, two weeks later the boil was shrinking and on the wedding day it needed a tiny bit of concealer to hide it. I am sooooo grateful and will continue to use the face wash and moisturizer and the spot serum for bad days!
Thank you so much, you saved the day!
Anthea (Swindon)
I have had to e-mail you today (sorry I know its Easter Sunday) but for the first time in 2 years my hands and fingers are about 95% healed due to the Extra Rich Moisturiser. I took delivery of my order on Wednesday and by Thursday morning the stinging/itching had almost stopped. To say that I have cried with relief by Saturday sounds quite pathetic, but I have spent so much money on prescriptions for cortisone, barrier creams and lately liz earle products without having any success, I havent even been able to take the tops off anything because each time I did the skin would split then bleed then itch and the whole cycle would start off again. I am still convinced that it may have started off originally by working with bee venom. But I will never know!!
I have also been using the 10 years younger kit and the cleanser for dry skin, which has already made such a difference.
Anyway I just wanted to let you know how pleased and relieved I am and to say thank you, I will be placing a further sometime during the Easter break on line - but could you or Karen point me in the right direction of any cosmetic companies which are a bit more user friendly !!With many many thanks
Hello, After using some of your products for only 2 weeks, I am amazed and very impressed, everyone keeps telling me how good I look and asking me for more information on your products. I have been attending Christchurch Hspital's Dermatology Resource Unit for a couple of years for treatment of an ulcer on my back, which developed where I had radiotherapy for a melanoma many years ago. Nothing the hospital did helped in any way, and they said the only answer was a skin graft.However, when they explained that the reason it would not heal was that blood did not circulate because of the radiotherapy,. Recently we have used the Therapeutics Extra Rich Moisturising Cream, with the result that my back is now just about healed.The hospital were mightily impressed with the healing and the texture of the new skin, and have asked for information about the cream.
Hello everybody at Essentially Yours,

I would just like to say how extremely refreshing it is to order goods and actually receive them, all correct, within a very short space of time. Your efficiency is second to none and I will have no hesitation in recommending you to all my friends. You were actually recommended to me in the first place, so your reputation is expanding! Thank you very much
I have just placed an order with you via the internet (see below) for a Therapeutic set. My son Harry (age 9) has been virtually eczema free since we started using your products (apart from when we run out!)
Just a note to say thank you so much for your advice on shampoo and skin care. My hair has never been this good, it has shine, bounce, no horrid smell and best of all no itching with scabs. My skin is feeling amazing and a lot clearer with no skin rashes. Your company was my last hope and I am so glad that I found you, in the past I had tried many natural and organic products to no avail.
Nearly forgot I do not have to wash my hair so much now either and my hair is not falling out and is growing back!

All I need now is to find a hairdresser in Newcastle that will start using your products, dire need of a hair cut but too nervous to have one as I know my scalp will break out again.
The service you provide is also excellent, well protected nothing broken or leaking and very prompt. I will be on my 3rd order soon and so little of your products go a long way.

Hi Andy,
I've had to email you and say a massive thank you. In just 3 days my skin is 90% improved on how it was. Your advise was spot on and I cannot thankyou enough.
Everything you reccommended has worked, my hair & skin feel much better than it has for months.
If only doctors would give the same advice as you, there would be a lot less people suffering with skin complaints. I have a follow up appointment on Thursday and im inclined to go to prove how rubbish the steriods were he gave me & how much worse they made my skin & show him how good it looks now.
My boyfriend is much happier too as i am not moaning anymore!! (miracle)
Once again, thankyou to you & Karen for getting my order to me so quickly & all the good advise, I've ordered more already!
Kind regards,
Customer for life!!

Hello and just wanted to say thanks for the catalogue, info sheets and 10 years younger samples to give friends. I am really amazed at how my skin is looking.
Thank You!